Val d'Orcia - Vecchio Cacio di Pienza Pecorino

350g Approx.

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92.75 HKD

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The cheese is produced with only sheep’s milk, that comes from Val d’Orcia (Orcia Valley) (Orcia Valley) pasturages, 

a typical area renowned for its characteristic natural and aromatic herbs such as thyme, savory, mugweed and other plants commonly found in the clay soils of the VAL D’ORCIA (ORCIA VALLEY) that benefit the production of cheese. The vecchio cacio di Pienza is aged in special cells where it remains for more than 4 months. During this aging period, the rind is treated with vegetable oil that conserves its flavour. After having aged for about 4/5 months, it can be marketed. The flavour is sweet and sharp.