​​​​Italian Chianina IGP OP-RIB

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800gr/pc Approx.

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492.00 HKD

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    The acronym OP simply means Oven Prepared. This cut, also known as a Standing Rib Roast, comes from the rib section of a steer, which is between the chuck roll and striploin.

    For lovers of grass-fed meats, the showstopper OP rib fillet (known as the scotch fillet in Europe) is hormone and antibiotic-free. Aged for a minimum of one month, our favourite way to cook this cut is reverse searing – the opposite of traditional pan-searing. Never heard of it?  Cook in the oven first, then sear it over high heat on the stove to finish.

    Chianina meat is a lean meat, with a limited caloric intake (100 grams provide 110 Kc), but unlike white meat it is much richer in iron. It contains very little cholesterol, and contains good fats, or polar lipids, capable of increasing the synthesis of good cholesterol.

    The meat will be delivered frozen