Sperlari Soft Nougat Morbidelli Pistachios and Almonds 117 g


• Inside the package you will find 117 g of Soft Nougat Soft Pistachios and Almonds individually wrapped

•  A treasure of precious pistachios and almonds wrapped in soft coated nougat

• Every moment is suitable for enjoying a Sperlari nougat: when you go to Grandma's, when you are in the office, when you are in traffic, when you take your child to the park, let Sperlari accompany you

• Celebrate with Sperlari: birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Graduation, our products make every occasion unique

• This product is gluten free

Sperlari Sperlari Torroncini Morbidelli Teneri Pistacchi e Mandorle 117 g

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