Perugia salami from Norcia is one of the best specialties of Umbria Region. It is made with lean meat of white pigs which, after a first grinding step, is mixed with pepper, garlic and salt, and then, after diced fat is added, it is stuffed into natural casings. The meat then undergoes steaming or dripping for about 7-10 days. After this period, the salami is transferred in the ageing room, where it remains at a temperature of 15 ? C and a relative humidity of 75% for a minimum time of 25-30 days. During the curing phase, the environment promotes ageing, and the salami gains its typical flavour and texture. This type of salami differs from the others due to its savoury, very aromatic taste, and the look of fat in the mixture, rather coarsely shredded. The taste of fat bits joins the peppered meat and salt on the palate, giving a captivating flavour, different from other cured meats.


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