Occelli in chestnut leaves is a cheese made from cow's and goat's milk that freely graze and is seasoned for about a year and a half before being sold. Occelli in chestnut leaves is a Cusiè type cheese produced in Valcasotto in the province of Cuneo. The peculiarity of this Reserva by Beppino Occelli is the maturation of the forms in chestnut leaves that give off an unmistakable taste and aroma that is perfectly recognizable to the taste, truly an exceptional product. The seasonings of Beppino Occelli are always extravagant and elegant, this leads him to be a pioneer of modernity in dairy production of excellence and it is also for this reason that Beppino Occelli is considered one of the benchmarks of the production of quality cheeses. The Occelli cheese in chestnut leaves is vacuum packed to allow the preservation of the characteristics achieved during aging, then the humidity and the fine aromas deriving from the chestnut leaves that are left in the package.

OCCELLI IN FOGLIE DI CASTAGNO (in Chestnut leaves) - 0.25KG (APPROX.)

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