La Pasta di Camerino is the main brand of Entroterra S.p.A. Group. It started as a small artisanal factory and grew in the years to become among the leaders of the domestic and international markets. It’s core business is dried egg pasta ranked as Italy’s best for quality/price ratio and awarded by the consumers with the “Sapore dell’Anno” best taste 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Moreover the company produces durum wheat semolina pasta, organic egg pasta and organic spelt pasta. The secret of its success is that the Maccari family – owners and managers of the company – has always kept a close relationship with the local territory and has been using the traditional way of producing the pasta. The raw materials are 100% Italian and thanks to a unique artisanal manufacturing process the result is a premium pasta like in old time

  • Net Weight: 8.8 oz | 250g
  • Cook Time:  5/6 Min


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