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First of all, thank you to giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Borgovivo’s core business is Italian food; our slogan is "We bring the best of Italian food around the world!"

In Italy, we are direct food distributors with our supermarkets in the centre of Italy franchised “Tigre”.

Beginning with our supermarket in Assisi, the heart of our distribution project in Italy, our first grocery store. In less than 5 years we have achieved the grand opening of our supermarket in Spoleto with a sales area of more than 1000 square metres.

From last year we’re also in Hong Kong!

We distribute fresh and dry products of several brands, for some of them we grant exclusive distribution. We sell all you can define as a typical Italian food product: cheeses, cold cuts, pasta, olive oil, wine- with regard to regional specialties. For the retail market we finally launched our website that, will give you the opportunity to buy in an Italian supermarket from your home in Hong Kong.

About this blog … this is our place to talk about Italian food, wine pairings, We will tell you about our traditions, our history our beautiful land… most of all, we will try to let you know how much we love our products and why we are so proud to share them with you

Thank you to be our customers


Borgovivo's Team

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