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Smoked salmon rolls, avocado, cream cheese and dill

Difficulty: easy

Preparation Time: 20 min.

Portions: 4

Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and dill rolls are an easy recipe to make. Without cooking and in a few minutes you can prepare these delicious rolls for an appetizer or to be enjoyed with toasted bread at aperitif time.


  • 160 g of sliced smoked salmon

  • 300 g of fresh spreadable cheese

  • 1 lime (juice and zest)

  • 1 ripe avocado

  • fresh dill

  • salt

  • pepper

The rolls of smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and dill are delicious rolls with a fresh and delicate flavor. Easy and rather quick to make, they are perfect as an appetizer or at aperitif time, perhaps accompanied by toasted black rye bread.

With its strong but elegant flavor, smoked salmon is a versatile and much loved ingredient that turns every recipe into a dish with guaranteed success.


Phase 1

In a bowl, mix the cheese with the finely chopped dill and the grated lime zest. Season with salt and pepper: you will need to obtain a homogeneous cream that you will transfer to a sac-à-poche for convenience.

Phase 2

Divide the avocado in half, remove the peel and cut it into slices of about 1 cm. Transfer them to a plate and drizzle with the filtered lime juice. Spread a slice of smoked salmon on the work surface, place a little cream cheese on top and place an avocado stick on top.

Phase 3

Roll up to form a roll. Proceed in this way until all the ingredients are used up, placing the rolls on a plate by hand. Finish with a few dill leaves. Keep the smoked salmon rolls, cream cheese and dill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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