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Risotto with pears and taleggio

Preparation: 15 min

Difficulty: easy

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Portions: 4

A classic risotto that of pears and taleggio, easy to make following the more traditional recipe of risotto. Some recipes also include the addition of walnuts that can give a pleasant crunchiness to the dish.


  • 320 g of Carnaroli rice

  • 1 Kaiser pear

  • 1 shallot

  • 100 g of taleggio cheese

  • 1/2 glass of grape brandy

  • fresh thyme

  • hot vegetable broth

  • grated parmesan to taste

  • 50 g of butter

  • salt

  • pepper

The pear and taleggio risotto brings together a sweet soft Italian cheese with an intense and characteristic smell and the juiciness of the Kaiser pear particularly suitable for cooking. An easy recipe for traditional rice cooking, in this case Carnaroli, perfect for risotto. In some recipes, besides pears and taleggio, walnuts or speck appear.

We blended the rice with the brandy but you can also use the more usual white wine.


Phase 1

To prepare the pear and taleggio risotto, sauté the chopped shallot in 20 g of butter over low heat. When it becomes transparent, add the rice and toast it for a couple of minutes.

Phase 2

Deglaze with the brandy (or white wine) and let it evaporate. Add a ladle of hot vegetable broth and mix. After 5 minutes, add the peeled, cored and diced pear.

Phase 3

Bring the risotto to cooking, wetting it with a ladle of hot broth from time to time. A couple of minutes from the end, add the taleggio cheese cut into small pieces. Stir constantly so that it dissolves. When cooked, off the heat, add the remaining butter and grated Parmesan. Stir and let it rest for two minutes.

Phase 4

Transfer the pear and taleggio risotto to the plates and decorate with slices of pear and a few sprigs of thyme, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and serve.

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