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Il Fiorino Cheese - The art of Cheese making

Updated: May 19, 2022

“Il Fiorino” Dairy products selection now available in Borgovivo website!

Tuscan Pecorino Cheese

Situated in the medieval village of "Roccalbegna" in Tuscany il Fiorino cheeses are made following the ancient and masterly handling, even though applied to technologies, machineries, rules and proceedings absolutely adequate to the very high standards concerning cleanliness, safety and quality.

The milk is processed shortly after milking, pouring it into an open boiler and heating it at 36 ° C. The natural rennet lets the fatty component curdle thus producing the curd.

Different cheese sorts are obtained from the different breaks of the curd.

Skilfully Seasoned

The most renowned Il Fiorino products such as the Pecorino Riserva del Fondatore, the Pecorino Grotta del Fiorini and the Cacio di Caterina are then aged in the special Fiorini cave (grotto).

These products are treasures enclosing a fragrance and flavour to be obtained only through a long period of quiet at the right temperature and ventilation that only the environment can provide.

The maturing in a cave causes the untreated crust to be covered with the typical white and greyish moulds which are a feature of products of excellence.

Award Winning Pecorino Cheese

Among the many awards bestowed on the establishment during the years we are herewith mentioning a few of the most recent and important ones: in 2007 at the Trofeo Caseario di San Lucio, in the Cremona Province, where the Fiorini won the prize "Best of the best" (for the Best Italian Cheese) with the Pecorino Toscano DOP; the Gold Medal won in june 2013 with the "Riserva del Fondatore Duilio Fiorini" at the prestigious Mundial du Fromage et des Produits Laitiers in Tours (Valley of the Loire) and finally the super Gold for the Best Pecorino in the World given to the same "Riserva del Fondatore" in London in the month of November 2014.

Nowadays the Il Fiorino specialties are to be found at the most prestigious points of sales in the whole world together with the best international gourmet cuisine, from London to New York and now thanks to Borgovivo also in Hong Kong!

Fiorino Cheese available in Borgovivo website:


Ruzzola di Maremma

Cacio Marzolino di Pecora


Fior di Natura Semistagionato con latte Bio e caglio vegetale


Pecorino al pesto alla genovese

Pecorino al tartufo

Pecorino al peperoncino

Pecorino alle noci

Pecorino al pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP


Pecorino Toscano Stagionato DOP Crudo


Riserva del Fondatore

Cacio di Caterina

Cacio di Venere

Fiorin Blu- Pecorino erborinato

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